Stil Very Good

Spouse and I were in Augusta for high School Basketball. Time for supper. I suggested IHOP quickly voted down. (I like there spouse not so much) So I suggested the A1 in Gardner. Spouse said DINER! I had been there on several occasions and there more than a Diner. So Spouse had her favorite Diner item Liver and Onions, came with mash potatoes and cole slaw. She said it was almost the best she ever had if not the best. Buttermilk Bisket it came with was more than light and also tops. I went with the grilled shrimp and mango chutney appetizer (Yes) as well as a grilled guyer cheese and onion with bacon and guac. It was super and I didn’t have any room for the many desert choices this place offers, Server was doing a great job didn’t have to ask for refills on coffee (Thats a big plus in any diner) Plus she looked up a recipey for spouse
I have got to come back there more often.